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5 things I would say to my 20-year old self — jlhawkes

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1. Don’t take life so seriously! As you get older, you are more tied down. Take time to travel, be spontaneous, and mess up.
2. Your decisions in your 20’s isn’t going to make or break your resume. You don’t have to rationalize every decision as a blip on your resume and a potential interview question for a future job. Chances are your bosses will be impressed by your ability to take time for yourself and wish they did it themselves.
3. If it sounds awesome, try it! Don’t second guess yourself. Have a dream of biking across the US, hiking the AT, or riding that 100-mile race? Do it. Don’t think you can’t do it. Plan it, and do it. [Note: Sadly these are all my dreams and I haven’t done any of them]
4. Don’t be in a rush to grow up! The job, house, significant other, kids, etc… will come in time. They will come in whatever order they happen and some might not happen at all (and that is ok too)! With each comes responsibility, which happens when we grow up and that is good, but they are lifetime responsibilities. It is ok to enjoy freedom too.
5. Each person has their own path. (I am still figuring this one out.) Your plan at 18 doesn’t have to be your plan at 21, 25, or 30. Really, how many of us really majored in what we thought or are doing what we thought we wanted to do? I am happy with my life, but it looks nothing like what I imagined when I started MHC or graduated.
6. (bonus) Experience really does matter. When I graduated grad school and started my first job I thought that education put me on the same playing field as my co-workers. I was cocky and thought myself better than someone if I had the degree and they just worked there for 20 years. Truthfully, there is something to be said for experience. I value education and think people should have degrees in their field, but it the integration of knowledge and experience that makes someone successful. Either one by itself is not sufficient. That, and the humility to admit a mistake, learn from it and move on.

– Jen Hawkes

5 things I would say to my 20-year old self — nibrown

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1. Enjoy your youth because as you get older life gets in the way
2. Spend more time discovering the essence of who you are and what you want to be remembered for.
3. Laugh, cry, shout, dance !! Just be you and do not try to be like anyone else because it means nobody will there to be play your role in this life .
4. Dare to dream and take risks even if you don’t succeed. At least you can say you tried and it builds character.
5. Always express gratitude in all your experiences. Don’t overlook the small things.

– Nicole Brown (Jamaica)