How can I pay my class dues?

You can pay your dues in one of two ways:

1.  Online via PayPal:  click here

2.  Check:  Please make checks payable to MHC Class of 2005 and mail to the following:

MHC Class of 2005
c/o Joana Souza, Treasurer
101 Huntington Ave., Floor 24
Boston, MA 02199

Why do we need to pay class dues?

Your contributions will help keep our class treasury healthy and allow our class board to run programming (such as mini reunions,  inter-class event planning,  and fundraisers) and offset reunion costs.

I just donated $25 a few months ago to MHC.  Is this different?

Yes.  You may have received emails or letters from the MHC Alumnae Association asking you to give to the  Annual Fund, which helps provides tuition subsidies and pays for 10% of the College’s annual operating budget.  Although we encourage giving to the Annual Fund, we are asking for a separate donation.  Any money donated to our “$5 for ‘05” campaign will go directly to the Class of 2005.


To contribute to our $5 for ’05 campaign, please click on button below.

Make a one time pledge of $25 now and you won’t be asked for Class Dues again until 2015!


Send questions or comments to mhc2005treasurer@gmail.com