5 Question Game by ejberman

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1) What is your favorite MHC tradition? Why?
Laurel Parade because it’s a tradition that I still get to enjoy as an alum.

2) Favorite M&C?
Too many to choose from! Either vegan cupcakes or magic cookie bars!!!

3) Favorite class? / Favorite professor?
Community Crossover. We visited a Head Start Program, a nursing home, and a prison and taught movement to each community. That class changed the way I view art and education.

4) Favorite spot on campus to unwind? / Your favorite spot on campus?
The green behind Dickinson. It’s a private oasis! Also, the green room at Rooke Theatre.

5) What would the you from college be surprised to know about your life today?
On my “Senior of the Week” column, I said that I wanted to go to grad school for theatre education and be a freelance theatre artist. I think the old me would be surprised to know that I actually did it! I’m living the dream!

– Erica Berman :: president

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