5 Question Game by adrishaw

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I thank Rhea for inviting me to participate, even if I technically graduated in ’04. Does this mean I’m bi-alumnal? Can I come to both reunions?

1) What is your favorite MHC tradition? Why?
Mountain Day. Hands down. When I am in charge of…something…I’m totally instituting Mountain Day as a regular event.

2) Favorite M&C?
Magic cookie bars. I am shocked that not everyone answered this way, but variety is the spice of life I suppose.

3) Favorite class? / Favorite professor?
I like Life, the Universe and Everything much more in retrospect than I liked taking it at the time. Also Human Dimensions of Environmental change (or “people suck” as we liked to call it). In both cases because I learned things in those classes that I still remember and that are not at all related to anything I do now; it makes me feel well-rounded. Also, James Harold’s class on the Philosophy of Evil….I may be a big enough nerd that I could list half my classes as favorites, but I’ll stop there.

Favorite Professor: Eleanor Townsley. Best advisor ever, and the reason I ended up in grad school (eventually).

4) Favorite spot on campus to unwind? / Your favorite spot on campus?
Unwind/Work: The Dirty will always count as “on campus” in my memory, tied with the old Blanchard as Rhea described it.

Favorite spot on campus: Upper Lake.

5) What would the you from college be surprised to know about your life today?
I have a PhD and people actually pay me to study and talk about video games, and go all over the world while doing so….the me living it hardly believes it.

-Adrienne Shaw

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