5 Question Game by sjconant

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1) What is your favorite MHC tradition? Why?
I can’t pick one! Laurel Parade, Elfing and M&Cs are my top three.

2) Favorite M&C?
I remember once as a first year getting leftover chocolate eclairs. It was amazing.

3) Favorite class? / Favorite professor?
1. Meiji Revolution – Jonathan Lipman
2. Darwin – Stan Rachootin

4) Favorite spot on campus to unwind? / Your favorite spot on campus?
To unwind: 1904 garden. I used to fall asleep there all the time.
All time favorite: Wa Shin An

5) What would the you from college be surprised to know about your life today?
1. I actually found a job that combined Biology and Asian Studies
2. Because of that first tea demonstration I saw at Wa Shin An as a first-year, I have now been studying tea ceremony for 8 years and am working to become a sensei myself one day.

– Cone

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