5 Question Game by cmbrenna

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1) What is your favorite MHC tradition? Why?
Junior Show. Junior Show was the first time I felt our class had really come together. It was amazing to see the excitement and enthusiasm build as the event progressed. It’s also the event that I felt we truly made a mark on our school. We were successful in creating a show that was actually pretty funny, and did it in a way that didn’t hurt or target groups of people.

2) Favorite M&C?
I was quite partial to the princess bars.

3) Favorite class? / Favorite professor?
I really loved my Northern Baroque art class with Professor Varriano, but Susan Smith will always have a special place in my heart.

4) Favorite spot on campus to unwind? / Your favorite spot on campus?
The library was always a favorite but I also loved the second floor of N. Delle my senior year. If you want to get all nostalgic though, sitting in the rafters of the old Blanchard with a Chef Jeff cookie and Fresh Samantha Smoothie was totally the best!

5) What would the you from college be surprised to know about your life today?
For some reason I’ve kept in better contact with some of my MHC acquaintances as opposed to some of my best friends. Not a bad thing just a bit surprising.
Also, there really are women from Seven Sister Colleges EVERYWHERE.

– Caroline Brennan

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