5 Question Game by atyrell

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1) What is your favorite MHC tradition? Why?
My favorite tradition is milk and cookies (M&Cs). After studying and writing papers, it was so nice to take a break each night to eat some sweets and talk about life with your doormmates.

2) Favorite M&C?
Chocolate chip cookies, Chef Jeff’s of course.

3) Favorite class? / Favorite professor?
Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics, Craig Woodard, the fly man

4) Favorite spot on campus to unwind? / Your favorite spot on campus?
Prospect lake watching the crazy ducks.

5) What would the you from college be surprised to know about your life today?
Probably that I live in Arizona. I always thought I would stay around New England, around my family and here I am miles from them.

– Anne-Marie Tyrell

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